Fully instrumented testing equipment Chip&Cut analzyer now is fully approved and commercialized.

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Tire EXPO 2020

It would be pleasure for us to could meet you on the trade and conference Tire technology expo 2020 in Hannover during the days…

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Technical training and seminars

We provide the professional training or seminars with the following topics:

Fracture mechanics of polymer materials
Material tests in practice
Processing rubber mixtures
Rubber manufacture
Recycling end-of-life tyres and scrap rubber
Constructing with plastics
Using the Finite Elements Method (FEM) for designing plastic components in practice


Lecture series

We offer lecture series at Czech and foreign engineering colleges, universities of applied sci-ence and universities:

Fracture mechanics of polymer materials
FEM for designing plastic components in practice


Popular science lectures

We offer lectures in the framework of events runs by associations, conferences, etc., for access to the interesting world of polymers, its new technologies and the impact on the environment.

We will be pleased to organise a lecture on the fascinating world of polymers in the frame-work of the following subjects:

What happens with worn tyres?
Tyres are the basis for safe driving.
How should we look after tyres properly?
Does plastic have a memory?
Rubber, a unique material?