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Fully instrumented testing equipment Chip&Cut analzyer now is fully approved and commercialized.

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Tire EXPO 2020

It would be pleasure for us to could meet you on the trade and conference Tire technology expo 2020 in Hannover during the days…

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  • New test equipment has been developed to analyse quantitatively the dynamic wear, which is well known as Chip&Cut (CC) behaviour, of tire tread compounds in laboratory. The introduced test equipment works automatically. It controls the user specified loading conditions in a wide field. Thus it is possible to simulate the CC behaviour under conditions which are seen by the tread while operation in a precise and reproducible manner. Further one all relevant forces and energies are measured which are driving the CC process. It correlates the data to make them available for analytical purposes. The adjustable load parameter field allows tests under the simulation of real load conditions on different terrains with definable allocations and shapes/ sizes of its asperities in laboratory scale. This newly developed device is the first full instrumented testing equipment for characterisation of CC behaviour in laboratory.

  • Fatigue performance has many aspects and dependencies that may be measured, but the most basic question is whether or not a crack can grow. Crack growth can occur only if enough energy is provided to cleave polymer chains that cross the crack plane, and it cannot occur otherwise, irrespective of how many cycles might be applied. We have developed an instrument -the Intrinsic Strength Analyzer - to measure this minimum energy requirement for crack growth. The instrument uses a highly sharpened blade to cut material under controlled conditions, while simultaneously measuring and recording all of the information needed to account fully for the energy balance on the crack.