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Fully instrumented testing equipment Chip&Cut analzyer now is fully approved and commercialized.

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Tire EXPO 2020

It would be pleasure for us to could meet you on the trade and conference Tire technology expo 2020 in Hannover during the days…

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Since 2013 the company PRL has been the exclusive dealer of testing machines of the prestigious German company COESFELD GmbH in the Czech Republic and east Europe.


  • This compact instrument is designed for measuring the flow properties of plastics to Method A.


  • Instrument designed to measure mass and volume flow rates.

75-6..._Schmelzpunkt_MPM.pngMPM MELTINGPOINT

  • For measuring the melting point of powdery substances in glass capillaries.

50-400_Koffler-Heizbank.pngKOFLER HEATBENCH

  • For melting point determination/ Observation of decomposition processes/ observation of volatility/ Determination of softening point of synthetic resin.


  • Measuring system for determination of pourability plastics in form powder or granulate.


  • Measuring system for simultaneous measurement of flotation and apperent density of plastic granules.

94-260-001_Dichte-Pyknometer.pngDENSITY PYCNOMETER

  • Fully automated, micro-controller based pycnotmeter for determination of the envelope density of original substances.

75-701-001_Dichte_Drei-Saeulen.pngDENSITY GRADIENT COLUMN

  • Density measuring system after three-column priniciple.volatility/ Determination of softening point of synthetic resin.


  • Quartz tube dilatometer to determine the thermal expansion coefficient of plastics with 1 or 3 measuring stations.


  • Digital dry-sieving machine for test sieves with 200 or 203 mm diameter.

97-246_Trockengewicht_1.pngMOISTURE/ DRY WEIGHT

  • Analytical moisture analyzer for fully automatic determination of the moisture content or dry weight of samples.

75-850_Gasdurchlaessigkeit.pngGAS PERMEABILITY TESTER

  • For automatic gas permeability measurements of plastic foils and coated papers with dry and damp gas, such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, noble gas or mixtures of such gases, in the temperature range –-20°C to +60°C according to the manometric method.

76-050_Wasserdurchlaessigkeit.pngWATER VAPOUR PERMEABILITY

  • For determination of the water vapour permeability of various packing materials, e. g. plastic foils, combination foils and wax, hotmelt or plastic coated papers, temperature range -–20...+60°C.