Impact Test


Fully instrumented testing equipment Chip&Cut analzyer now is fully approved and commercialized.

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Tire EXPO 2020

It would be pleasure for us to could meet you on the trade and conference Tire technology expo 2020 in Hannover during the days…

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Since 2013 the company PRL has been the exclusive dealer of testing machines of the prestigious German company COESFELD GmbH in the Czech Republic and east Europe.


  • Impact tester with 1 or 1.7 meters drop height for manual, automatic as well as non-instrumented and instrumented drop tests.

42-_FW-Magnus_1.pngIMPACT TESTER MAGNUS (UP TO 785J)

  • Robust, automated and fully instrumented impact tester built in a stellframe with drop heights of 1 and 2 meters with optional tempering chamber, anit-rebound system, acceleration unit and more.

42-101-016_Hoschgeschw-Fallwerk.pngHIGH SPEED IMPACT TESTER (UP TO 50M/S)

  • High speed impact tester with drop speed up to 50m/s.

5113_Pendeschlag-digital.pngPENDULUMS (5-50J)

  • Pendulum for plastics with analog or digital display.